Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Rounds – Biodegradable Cotton, Chemical Free, For Sensitive Skin (420 count) – Daily Cosmetics. Beauty and Personal Care

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cotton rounds makeupcotton rounds makeup

Organyc: Complete Protection, No Compromises.

Organyc brand skin care products are made with 100% organic cotton inside and out, to give you superior strength and softness. They’re cotton-soft and gentle, so they respect your skin. If you’re concerned about sensitive skin, no need to settle for products that don’t give you the protection you need. With Organyc, you can choose the brand dedicated to never compromising on purity or quality.

Chemical-Free Cotton for Makeup and Cosmetics

Organyc brand cotton beauty pads are extremely soft, but strong, perfect for removing makeup and nail polish or applying products. Other makeup pads can be made from synthetic materials with chemicals that can burn or irritate. Women with sensitive skin should look no further than these organic cotton makeup pads.

Pure Organyc is Your Answer to Reactions from Ordinary Non-Cotton Products

Two-thirds of women in the U.S. experience sensitive skin issues. Organyc brand makeup pads are made with 100% organic cotton, skin pH balanced for complete comfort. Traditional non-cotton products can have bleach and other chemicals that can be harsh on skin. Our 100% certified organic cotton is pure, soft, and absorbent, the way nature made it. Organyc respects you and your body.

100% organic cotton inside & out

Soft and gentle against your skin without tearing or breaking apart

pH balanced for sensitive skin, with no chlorine bleach, latex, parabens, SAP or man-made materials


Certified Organic Cotton for You and the Environment

Our organic cotton is grown using methods and materials with the purpose of reducing the impact on the environment. Organyc proudly displays the 100% cotton seal- in fact, even our packaging is made from recycled material. We take maintaining respect for our consumers and our environment seriously. Our 100% organic cotton is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards, the organization for organic textiles (GOTS 2007-005 Ed.03C/Rev.00, Version 5.0, 01.03.2019).

tampons pads linerstampons pads liners

Organyc Brand Certified Organic Cotton Products of All Kinds

Organyc is proud to offer a complete range of 100% organic products for a range of needs from tampons, to feminine pads, to beauty care. In everything we do, we aim to respect you, your skin, and your needs.

Key Features:

· Organyc brand makeup pads for sensitive skin

· Soft and strong organic cotton rounds

· Made with no chlorine bleach, no latex, no parabens, no perfumes, no SAP, and no plastics or man-made materials

· Organic makeup pads for use with cosmetics like makeup or nail polish remover

· 100% organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standards

· pH balanced for women with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional non-cotton, man-made products

SOFT AND STRONG – Easily removes cosmetics and nail polish and allows you to apply astringents, toners, and lotions in an appropriate manner. Perfect for sensitive skin. Organyc Cotton Rounds are soft but strong!
BIODEGRADABLE COTTON PADS – Made from environmentally friendly cotton fiber, these cotton rounds are biodegradable, so they decompose easily for less waste. Organyc Cotton Rounds are free of chlorine bleach, dyes, parabens, perfumes, SAP, plastics, and man-made materials.
COTTON FOR FACIAL CARE: Made of safe, non-toxic materials, these cotton rounds protect your skin. With better weave quality, these cotton rounds are well textured and provides added absorbent power and fiber strength.
EASY TO USE – Cotton rounds created for cosmetic and personal care are also useful for craft projects and pet care or cleaning fragile and hard to reach items and spots.

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