Lifeproof Home Ceramic Coating Spray Kit – Advanced Ceramic Technology for Home Kitchen & Bath Surfaces – Prevents Stains – Keeps Surfaces Cleaner For Longer – Super-slick Anti-stick Properties – Ultra Hydrophobic – Great on Counters, Stainless Steel, Appliances, Sinks, Tile, & more. Microfiber Towel Included – 8 FL OZ.

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Product Description

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Some of the many materials to use Lifeproof home onSome of the many materials to use Lifeproof home on

Lifeproof Home Ceramic Spray Coating

Shines & Protects for 6-12 months

Lifeproof Home ceramic coating is an invisible coating that provides an ultra hydrophobic, super slick, anti-stick, shiny, anti-fingerprint, stain-resistant surface. Enjoy easier cleaning without the harsh chemicals!

Use on nearly any hard surface!

Stainless Steel: fridges, microwaves, ranges, hoods, & more.

Countertops: granite, marble, Corian, laminate, solid surface, & more.

Glass: shower doors, windows, mirrors, & more.

Sinks: stainless steel, porcelain, cultured marble, copper, & more.

Finishes: chrome, stainless, bronze, copper, & more

How it works

Lifeproof Home Ceramic Coating uses advanced SiO2 technology designed specifically for home surfaces. The water-based formula produces an invisible, ultra-thin SiO2 ceramic layer during cure. The result is a super-slick, clean glass feeling that conceals minor imperfections and adds a brilliant gloss. When surfaces do get dirty, clean-up is a breeze!

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Prevent stains on coated surfaces and make cleaning a breeze!

Super-slick “smooth-as-glass” feel

Resist fingerpints, smudges, grime buildup, mineral build, & water spotting

Ultra hydrophobic properties bead away water keeping surfaces cleaner for longer

Cured coating is non-toxic (tested by Analytical Lab Group, 2021), invisible, and not noticeable

Glossy counter coated in Lifeproof Ceramic Caoting

Glossy counter coated in Lifeproof Ceramic Caoting

Water beading on surface

Water beading on surface

Stains wiping away easily on Lifeproof coated counter

Stains wiping away easily on Lifeproof coated counter

Shines & Protect

Shine and protect nearly any hard surface in your home for 6-12 months. Lifeproof Home coating adds increased gloss and depth to stone, metals, and other surfaces while giving a slick, clean-as-glass feel.

Ultra Hydrophobic

Lifeproof Home’s ultra hydrophobic properties bead liquids away from the surface helping with water spotting, mineral build-up, and grime build-up.

Prevents Stains

Once cured, Lifeproof Home ceramic coating becomes super-slick and resists stains, build-up, fingerprints, grime, soap scum, water spots and more!

Easy Spray Application

Clean surface

Clean thoroughly, with any general-purpose cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (recommended).

Spray on

Spray a fine mist on the surface or on the included microfiber towel and wipe evenly in with circular motion.

Wipe Off

Wipe/buff off the residual ceramic residue to a super-slick feel. Let Cure. (Wait 1-hour dry use, 4 hours wet use)

The coating can be removed anytime with isopropyl alcohol if you wish.

SUPER-SLICK, ANTI-STICK, & ULTRA HYDROPHOBIC — Lifeproof Home gives surfaces that super-slick, clean glass feeling repelling liquids, stains, and other unwanted elements. DO NOT USE ON FLOORS due to super slick properties.
MULTI-SURFACE SAFE — Lifeproof Home is invisible and safe to use on nearly any hard surface including granite counters, stainless steel, appliances, laminate, marble, glass, metal, tile, porcelain, stone, painted cabinets, coriander, and many other home, kitchen, & bath surfaces.
NON-TOXIC COATING — Rest easy knowing your surfaces are protected in a non-toxic coating. Lifeproof Home has passed MTT Cytotoxicity testing.
EASY SPRAY APPLICATION — Starting with a cleaned surface, simply spray on desired surface, buff in with included microfiber towel, flip towel and remove any residue. Let cure (wait 1 hour for dry use, 4 hours for wet). Lifeproof Home coating can be removed anytime with Isopropyl alcohol.

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