Set of 8 Kids Activity Plastic Tray, Rainbow of Colors, Arts and Crafts Organizer Tray, Serving Tray, Great for Crafts, Beads, Orbeez Water Beads, Painting and Montessori Work

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Product Description

Play Now Trays help me splatter and sparkle, paint and decorate, count and scatter, glue and glitter. If I have to go, I always know…it will be ready when I return!

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Multiuse Arts and Craft Trays

Play and Learn

I’m up with the sun, ready for fun!

No worries- no messes today. I’m excited to use my Play Now Trays!

Yayyy! You filled them with fun!

It’s so hard to pick only one!

Fast and Fun Facts Doodle Hog wants adults to know about Play Now Trays:

Here at Doodle Hog, Safety is our first priority. These trays are PVC and BPA Free.

Inside dimensions are 11.5×8.5×1.5” deep! Lots of room for splattering, scattering, beading, sorting, painting, slimy fun!

Lightweight and affordable! Costs a little, saves a lot (of time!)

Hooray! Keeps liquids contained too! (You can put the mop away!)







easy to clean

easy to clean

Play Now Trays

Play Now Trays (Fill them for fun!)

Slime and glitter and beads…oh my!

My favorite Play Now Tray fun fillers (I Love all of them!):

Counting bears, Stamping, Sand Art, Scratch Art, Montessori Activities, Collaging, Beading, Sorting Legos, Science Experiments, Loose parts education

Stack It. Store It. Bring It.

Adults, listen up. Us kids want more time to play and less time for cleanup! So…

Stack it. Store it. Bring it. Repeat.

Please bring Play Now Trays to every event so clean up is a breeze!

Sometimes we are meeting at a picnic table or community center, at school, a friend’s house, camp, and lots of places in-between. Play Now Trays are super-stackable and portable! Let’s bring them to every event. Just in case. Because who wants to spend time cleaning up a big mess? (not me!)

Perfectly Sized

Play Now Trays are perfectly sized for one time or ongoing projects with plenty of room for stacking, sorting, and even keeping liquids contained (No more slimy, glittery goo getting on the countertop! Or beads falling and scattering across the floor…)

Interior Dimension: 11in L x 8.5in W x 1.5 in D / 28cm L x 21.5cm W x 3.5 H

Outer Dimension: 9 15/16 X 13 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches

Multipurpose Art Trays from Doodlehog can be used from preschool through high school (and beyond!)

Easy To Clean

I mix some super sparkly, slippery glue and glitter and beads in my Play Now Tray until I have slime!

When I am finished, I put my slime in a container and wipe my tray with a wet sponge easy peasy! Then I am off to play with my friends!

Hooray!! Play Now Trays are top rack dishwasher safe!

montessoire, mixing tray, sorting tray, breakfast traymontessoire, mixing tray, sorting tray, breakfast tray

Happy KIDS

Here at Doodle Hog, we love our customers and keeping them happy (and organized!). We are proud to have hundreds of happy and repeat customers (and growing!) So far we have over 100 reviews on Amazon with 90% rated 5 stars! (By the way, we want to Thank You for your reviews. We are a small family owned business and every review really helps us compete with “the big guys”.)

We are here if you ever have questions before or after you purchase (like “what is the best DIY slime recipe?”)

Easy to Clean: The surface is easy to wipe clean and stack nicely together.
Material: This tray is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic number 5. It is PVC and BPA-free
Low Profile: They have a low profile, lay flat on the table and contain liquids, sand art, beads and legos perfectly.
Multiuse: Perfect for classroom, daycare, kindergartens and homeschool, to organize art materials, collaging, crafting, beading, science experiments, water works, loose parts education, sorting legos, playdoh, montessori snack preparation, dollies art, finger painting, color mixing and many processed based creative invitations.

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