DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics 24K Gold Paint – 8oz Metallic 24K Gold Acrylic Paint – Water Based Multi Surface Paint for Arts and Crafts, Home Decor, Wall Decor, Gilding Paint & Touch Ups + E-book

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(as of Jun 24,2021 15:37:39 UTC – Details)

Deco Art Americana Decor Metallics Paint is a multi surface metallic acrylic paint that is made from premium and bright pigments to create a color that is vibrant, shimmering, and consistent. The metalic perfect pigment ensures DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics is the brightest, best covering, paint for indoor and outdoor paint crafts. Add eye-catching metallic accents, color sets, liquid gold leaf, and bright gold paint gilding to most home and office decor, art projects, acrylic board, or art canvas! 

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint Decor Metallics are available in a palette acrylic set of bright, glimmering colors from delicate metallic colored acrylic to deep rich glorious shade s. Decoart acrylic paint sets can paint virtually any craft surface with metallic colors and can be used for deco art stuff, projects, and activities such as wall art, rock paint, plastic paint, furniture and craft wood painting.   

This Americana premium acrylic paint value pack contains: 
x1 Deco Art Americana Decor Metallic Paint Acrylic 24K Gold 8oz  
x1 Exclusive E-book, “Craft is Life” 

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✅ PAINT STUFF WITH DECOART – Experience the joy of painting with the perfect blend of professional color metallic acrylic paint sets from DecoArt. Americana Decor Metallics is formulated with fine touch acrylic pigments to produce bright luster sheen colors for your paint projects, colorful creations, and professional art needs. Make your masterpiece or beautiful amazing art on blank canvas or other art mediums, paint kit, painting set, wall art, and decorative pieces.
✅ PAINTING WITH A TWIST – 24kt gold acrylic paint is a great gold decor metallic paint to add to your art supplies for sweet shimmer s, wicked paints, and decor crafts. Derived from professional 24k gold pigments and giving metallic accents, its great for unique art decor, furniture repairs or DIY crafts. Gold leaf paint textures like gold flakes on canvases for painting and decorative pieces like a gold rose. Get an 8oz 24K gold DecoArt acrylic paint with an E-book. (See Description)
✅ THE AMAZING PERFECT CRAFT PAINT – DecoArt metallic acrylic paint is a rich color vibrant paint that’s great for crafts for adults and kids activities. Do fun stuff like deco art paint your kitchen decor, Warhammer paint set, steampunk crafts, or miniature paint sets. Add liquid 24K gold leaf those glorious model s with this gold metallic paint or make crafts for kids and pretty paintings on construction paper, painting canvas, or art set s. Gild your art stuff with gold craft paint!
✅ HOME OFFICE MULTI SURFACE PAINT – No more worrying about things to paint on or ornaments to paint with Americana Decor paint. Paint like Monet with this painting kit! Virtually paint all craft surfaces like frames, lamps, vases, dry pottery clay, wood crafts, rock painting, wall decor, and canvas boards for painting. Use this acrylic paint set as paint for plastic, shoe paint, and fabric paint or add a quality touch of liquid leaf gold paint to your arts and crafts for adults.
✅ PROJECT BOX ART PAINTS – Bolster your art and craft supplies and channel your inner artist with a new perfect pigment of gold 24k to your color wheel and palettes. Add a masters touch of metallic golden paint to your adult crafts, kid crafts, deco art paints, and canvas painting with this acrylic metallic paint from Deco Art. Master the craft of art decor or add DecoArt metallic luster to your creative craft or art gifts with gold 24 k Decoart Americana acrylic paint.

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