Arts and Crafts: The Pink Tool Box

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The Pink Tool Box

It is amazing how a talented kid can change the world.

Iza was a simple child. She was home schooled, she had loving parents and she was very smart. Until one day, her teacher Miss Honey showed her the world of arts and crafts. Because of this, an entirely new world for her. And surprisingly, she loved it!

That’s where she started having her pink tool box. Her mom and dad went to an Art School for Children so Iza can join. In that school, she learned more than just Arts and Crafts. She learned how to paint, write and other art courses. Because of this, she became really good and recognized.

In the future, she saw a real good use for her talent. Find out how Iza was able to help others because of her Pink Tool Box

TO PARENTS: this is a great way of teaching your kids on how to share their skills to the world. This book is my attempt on making the world a better place.

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