Candle Lighter, Plasma Arc Lighter, USB Electric Lighter, Flameless Rechargeable and Portable Windproof Flexible Lighter with Safety Switch and LED Battery Indicator for Home Kitchen BBQ

Price: $7.98
(as of Jun 24,2021 15:04:59 UTC – Details)

Add fun to outdoor sports, picnic, camping and family life, this candle lighter will give you a brand new experience.
With the multi-functional rechargeable lighter, you no longer need to buy a disposable lighter, allowing you to save the cost of repeated purchases! !

Quantity :
1 lighter
1 USB charging cable

Traditional lighters may accidentally burn themselves, making it difficult to fire in bad weather, and even children who accidentally touch them will cause unnecessary trouble.
We can solve these problems for you! !
Candle plasma electric arc lighter
¡ôCandle plasma lighter can be recharged and reused, avoiding repeated purchases of disposable lighters.
¡ôThe electric arc lighter plasma technology is mature, safe and windproof; there is no open flame, it will not be blown out!
¡ô For safety reasons, this lighter has dual switch and triple protection. 1. Double switch. 2. It will automatically power off after 7 seconds of continuous work. 3.The candle lighter has a hook that can be hung out of the reach of children. This design can effectively prevent children from accidentally igniting the lighter and causing a fire..

¡ôDo not let the lighter work when it is charging.After the lighter is fully charged, in order to extend the battery life, the power should be disconnected immediately.
¡ôThere will be a slight “zi zi” sound during ignition, this is a normal high-pressure reaction, please rest assured to use.

DOUBLE PROTECTION LOCK: Our USB flameless lighter has a double switch; it automatically switches off after 7 seconds of continuous operation, this feature protects the battery life and makes the product more efficient and safer. The safety lock helps you prevent misuse by children
USB CHARGING & ENERGY SAVING: USB charging design, no flame, no butane, physical switch on, if not working for a long time, it will automatically turn off the power, more environmental protection and energy saving
LED LIGHT & BATTERY INDICATOR: The LED indicator shows how much charge is left on the battery and the front end has a bulb design that acts as both a candle lighter and the equivalent of a torch for accurate candle lighting even in dark environments.
PORTABLE-MULTI-PURPOSE: With its hook design, it can be hung on a backpack or carried in a pocket for camping, barbecues and outdoor parties. Convenient for lighting any candles, gas and camping stoves and fireworks at any time

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