Household items USB Charging Multifunctional Digital Weight Scale, High-Precision Health Detection Fat Scale, BMI, Water Weight and Other Body Composition Monitors

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Product Name: Intelligent Weight Scale
Power supply: built-in lithium battery
Weighing surface material: preferably tempered glass (strong pressure resistance)
Base material: ABS (compressive and durable without odor)
Weighing range: 0.2-180KG
Charging time: 1-2 hours (do not exceed 2 hours)
Standby time: about 30-90 days (approximately 1000 times)
Portable operation:
1. Install the weight scale APP registered account and scan the QR code on the manual to quickly install the body fat scale APP and log in by registering an account. You can also choose to use QQ, WeChat and Weibo to log in quickly.
2. Open the APP client, turn on the Bluetooth device at the same time, then go on the scale, tap the scale to light the screen, and complete the device binding according to the prompts.
3. Stand on the scale with bare feet, take the center as the origin, stand on the scale with two feet naturally, step on the metal electrode on the scale, and your body data will be synchronized on the APP after the number is locked.

Measure body fat-BMI: BMI body index is currently commonly used to measure the body’s fatness and leanness. Body fat is used to determine whether it is obese or not, and to carry out targeted health fat reduction activities.
Fitness goals: 25 types of basic body composition monitoring values, for example; body fat percentage, total body water, muscle mass percentage, bone mass, and even basal metabolic rate (BMR), these allow you to accurately track your progress and more Reach your fitness goals quickly.
USB charging: charging like a mobile phone, no need to change the battery to automatically switch on and off, energy saving Send USB charging cable + tape measure
Data storage: Track the health trends of up to 10 users. A full-scale scale with a large-size LED display is easy to read by people of all ages and can last up to 3 months on a single charge.
Automatic switch machine: adopts the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, abandons the original manual switch machine design, and upgrades to intelligent gravity sensor. The scale is automatically turned on and the scale is automatically turned off, which is more intelligent.

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