Anti Wrinkle Patches For Eyes,Wrinkle Sticker For Face,Beauty Face Nutrition Wrinkle Removal Lift Sticker,Eye And Neck Patches for Men Women (3pcs)

Price: $25.48
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1.Lifting & tighten skin.
2.Make skin full of vitality.
3.Improve skin condition.
5.Perfectly fits the skin.

Net Weight: 12.5 G/pair
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Application: Suitable For a Variety of Skin Types.

Package Contains:
1/3 Box Anti wrinkle eye patches

How to use:
1. Make sure the neck and face areas are perfectly clean and dry.
2. It is recommended to use them after showering.

Warm Tips:
1.Do not use on open wounds, cuts, irritated or infected skin.
2.Do not use it if you have a sensitivity or allergy to silicone.

【Embedding Elastic Fiber】The implantable elastic fiber presents a honeycomb-like 6-way tightening ability, providing uniform tension under the action of skin heat.
【Osmotic Nourishment】Take a variety of nourishing essence to promote skin absorption and nourishment. It is composed of glycerin, nicotinamide, Centella Asiatica, and aloe vera extract. Does not contain heavy metals, hormones, fluorescent agents, and preservatives. Plant extracts, gentle and safe, can also be used for sensitive skin.
【Ergonomic Structure Design】Designed for the aging area of the face. Lock in moisture for a long time, relieve sagging skin, and lift facial contours. It can fit tightly according to the skin’s ups and downs and is not easy to lift or fall off due to facial movements.
【Invisible Design】It is very light and thin. And broke through the constraints of various occasions. Available for eating, sleeping, work, shopping, sports appointments, reading, parties, etc.

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