GSZTTKX 14PCS Car Rearview Mirror Film,Rainproof Waterproof High-Definition Transparent Nano-Coated Protective Sticker,Suitable for Rearview Mirrors Car Windows Car Trucks SUVs Safe Driving

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Q: What product is this?
Safe driving The car stickers rainproof film of the car mirror is to ensure the safety of the vehicle when driving in rainy days. The material is transparent material with high definition to ensure a clear line of sight when driving in rainy days
Nano material The protective film itself is composed of three layers of materials. The middle nano coating material uses the principle of lotus leaf to prevent water droplets from agglomerating, and uses gravity to slide down quickly to ensure that water droplets do not aggregate. And the more rain, the better the effect
With a wide range of applications, you will get 14pcs products. There are three sizes: oval rearview mirror 5.9 inches * 3.9 inches. Car window square 7.9 inches * 6.9 inches. Trial film 2.4 inches * 2.4 inches is suitable for cars, SUVs, For trucks, trailers, motorcycles, helmets, etc., it is recommended to use the windows and rearview mirrors at the same time for better results. We also provide different scrapers for rearview mirrors and car windows, which are more convenient to use
Easy installation 1. Clean the mirror surface. 2. Tear off the white protective film 1. Paste the product on the mirror surface. 3. Use a scraper to flatten it, taking care not to generate bubbles. 4. Remove the blue protective film 2, and the product installation is complete. If you have any questions during the pasting process, you can use the trial film to test first
What you will get is: first. We provide you with 14 protective films, 2 of which are test films. Second, if you encounter any problems in use, we will answer you in time. If you don’t use it Satisfied, you can return or exchange at any time. Article 3 We recommend that the product be replaced within 3 months

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