2K Webcam with Microphone,SV3C Full HD Stream Webcam with Microphone,360-degree Vision Privacy Cover,USB Plug-and-Play,No Fisheye for Laptop Desktop Online Video Remote Study Conference Games

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Status IndicatorManual Focus Lens360° Omnidirectional microphoneMulti-functional Bracket







2k PC Webcam with Microphone

2592 * 1520px = 4 megapixels

webcam with microphone for desktop record vivid high-definition video, New generation of CMOS sensor image sensor provides clear and clear video with 30 frames per second fluency, specially designed PC web camera can be used for high-quality video meeting/chat or video recording.

No Fisheye Lens Webcam

Computer webcam using high quality no fisheye lens, better improve transmittance and fidelity, make sure the image would no bulge, zero distortion and make the image balance and harmony.

Dual Stereo Microphone

Omnidirectional microphone noise reduction ensures clear and natural recording, Reduce distracting background noise,pick up your voice even at 16ft distance.







USB 2.0 Plug and Play

Computer camera Easily set up within 1 minutes, no need to download or install complicated driver software. Webcam Mounting Clips provide easy installation on the desk, sideboard,laptop and tripod .

Flexible Shelf

USB webcam Flexible adjustable clip supports 180° horizontal adjustment, and the webcam with privacy shutter can be adjusted 360°.PC camera can be stably placed on the desktop and fixed on the monitor (without damaging the screen), and you can adjust the angle as needed.

Privacy Protector

As shown in the picture, you only need to close the covers on both sides, and the webcam will cover the lens. From individuals to large companies, computer webcam is the perfect choice to provide everyone with safety and peace of mind.


Q: Why my computer couldn’t recognize this webcam ?

A: If your computer has a built-in camera, please disable that one firstly. On Windows 10, right click the start button—go to device manager— look for Cameras— click on the little arrow next to it. You should see two devices, your integrated camera and the one you bought which says HD Camera. Right click on your integrated camera and you should be given an option that says disable device.

Q: Why doesn’t the image look like 4MP ?

A:The PC camera itself is actually 4MP, but because some video call software will compress the video quality, the received pixels are limited and cannot display high-definition pictures. Our webcam will automatically adjust the computer camera resolution based on the maximum resolution received by the software. Will not affect the normal use of the camera.


1. Do not use in hot, cold, dusty or humid environments.

2. Avoid touching the lens with your hands, sharp or rough objects, please use a clean and soft cloth for cleaning.

3. Try to avoid dropping the product. Severe falls may cause damage to the lens, old seals or scratched surfaces.

4. If your computer (laptop) has a built-in camera, you need to change the default camera settings. For example, change the default camera in the chatting software setting!

This camera canceled the “zoom” function on January 7, 2021, and was updated to have no fisheye lens webcam.

Privacy Protection Cover & No Fisheye: PC camera webcam with microphone has a privacy protection cover. you can close laptop camera cover, which usually also protects the computer webcam from scratches, dust and grime. Starting from January 7, 2021, this camera does not have a “zoom” function. The camera without fisheye lens can restore the pictures more realistically and see more clearly.
Extensive Compatibility& Plug-and-Play: USB camera uses USB 2.0/3.0 ports and is compatible with most real-time streaming and recording software and office entertainment tools on the market. Such as YouTube, Skype, Facebook, Twitch and other software. USB plug and play, web camera with microphone very suitable for Windows system and Mac OS system, computer camera with microphone support the synchronization of smart TV and other smart tools, widely used, easy to carry and use.
Omnidirectional Microphone& Flexible Shelf: Webcam for video conferencing has built-in dual noise reduction microphones, which can automatically eliminate noise. Computer camera with microphone make sure the sound is clear. Even in a noisy environment, computer webcam can provide the best video conferencing experience. 360-degree rotating screw base and adjustable mounting clip can easily fix the camera to computer monitors, laptops and tripods, or put it on a table, webcam very practical.
High-Quality After-Sales Service: SV3C provide 24 hours after-sales service. If you have any questions or problems when using our webcams, please feel free to contact us and provide you with a satisfactory answer within 24 hours. We ensure that customers can enjoy our better shopping experience and service.

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