A Year With My Camera, Book 1: The ultimate photography workshop for complete beginners (Volume 1)

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*This book is printed in black and white and designed to be written in – more details below; please read the whole description if you are expecting a coffee-table glossy book.* The two A Year With My Camera workbooks accompany the online course of the same name from Emma Davies. You can complete the course just from the workbooks, but if you want to join the online community, find the details at AYearWithMyCamera.com. This is Book 1 in a 2 part series. This is a practical workbook, PRINTED IN BLACK AND WHITE, designed to be written in and picked up every week – not a coffee table book to put on your shelf and never look at. The course is designed to be finished, and this is not a glamorous, well-finished book, it is a rough-and-ready *work* book – it’s for people who want to finally understand their camera, not just read about it. Be warned – there are plenty of photographs and illustrations, but they are NOT COLOUR and they are not fine art quality. Most people who open this book breathe a sigh of relief, realising they don’t have to learn everything all at once. It’s a very liberating approach to photography. You will start by building the foundations (chapters 1-6), and then, with a solid base to support you, you will grow your creativity and find your personal style (chapters 7-18). Please use the “Look Inside” feature which is enabled – you can see the workbook nature of the book before you buy, and check it is what you are expecting.

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