Christmas Halloween Pumpkin Travel Luggage Cover Luggage Cover is Elastic Suitable-M-Style6

Price: $14.98
(as of Sep 19,2021 15:13:20 UTC – Details)

How to Usern1. Pull up the pull rod;rn2. Insert one of the holes into the pull rod,rn3. Pull down the boot.rn4. Side hand hole exposed;rn5. Close the bottom zipper;rn6. Insert the fixed buckle to perfectly protect the trunk shell

Printing instructions: Uniform printing on both sides
Material description: The fabric has a certain elasticity
Product performance: Full range of double suture, high elasticity material to ensure that your suitcase stays closed during the trip. Protect your suitcase from dust and scratches; The personalized pattern makes your suitcase unique and won’t be taken wrong during the trip.
Product construction: a pull rod hole, an upper hole, two sides of the invisible zipper hole, a zipper, a fixed bucklernThe luggage becomes special, left and right sides of the invisible zipper, left and right handles of the suitcase can be used.
Applicable scenario: It is suitable for traveling and business triprnSpecial note:This suitcase cover is only suitable for luggage with the carry part in the middle position

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