Sockstheway Youngjin Adjustable Three-Dimensional Breathable Colorful Fashion Cotton Mask for Unisex Men Women Pattern Mask 5 ea

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We’re the top socks brand located in South Korea. We’ve been in the market since 2010 and
have provided pleasant experiences to a lot of our customers. We hope to provide you the way to
pleasant memories with our unique/simple/adorable/fashionable socks. Would you like to walk with us?

[SocksTheWay Fashion Cotton Mask 5 ea (Pattern & Functional)]

This generously sized mask is made of 100% pure cotton. It can be used regardless of gender, and anyone can use it stylishly.
And also, Wear stylish masks with no more tightness. The length of the strap on the back of the ear is adjustable.
Made of cotton, it can be washed and reused. This economical mask can be used for a long time.

Note. Please refer to the size before purchasing.


Size: 19*14 (cm)

Our products are made in Korea.
Please check the phrase
“”Sold by NYfashioncity”” before pushing the add to cart button.
If there is no such phrase, you may purchase low-quality products instead of ours. Please be careful.

Premium cotton
Made in korea
LONG-LASTING ECONOMICAL FACE MASK – Washable and reusable. Existing cotton masks change shape when washed, whereas this mask is sewn in a three-dimensional shape and does not change.
BREATHE COMFORTABLY – Stop being frustrated! This improved the difficulty of breathing when wearing other masks by avoiding direct contact between the nose and mouth.
MASK WITH FUNCTIONAL OPTIONS – It is effective in blocking static electricity and helps prevent external substances.
HARMLESS TO HUMANBODY – This cotton mask is made of 100% pure cotton, harmless to human body and soft to the touch. It is also hygienic with a three-dimensional shape that does not directly touch the mouth.
FASHIONABLE CUSTOM DESIGN – Neither white, nor gray. This mask is designed with various patterns, and you can choose and wear it according to your taste. Colorful masks make you stand out!

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